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BALL PW1098E-WH Trainmaster Secometer 45mm Pocket Watch

  • Approx. 70g
  • Manual caliber BALL RR2102
  • Ø 45mm, height 12mm
  • 30m/100ft
  • Hours, minutes and subsidiary seconds
  • Stainless Steel
  • Pushed-in crown
  • Anti-reflective sapphire crystal
  • White
  • 44.5mm


Powerful locomotives, the burgeoning freedom of exploration, and trusted accuracy. Our heritage is truly unique. After timepieces from BALL became essential gear for men of the railroad, the precision and readability of these mechanical tools soon made their way into the pockets of businessmen, city dwellers and modern explorers of the Roaring Twenties. As a result, watch design evolved to meet changing lifestyles and artistic practicality.

Today, for watch collectors and enthusiasts, BALL Watch is proud to introduce the Trainmaster Secometer Pocket Watch – a limited production timepiece that simultaneously pays tribute to our railroad heritage and a classic 1920s-era BALL model.

Available exclusively online, the limited production Trainmaster Secometer carries our legacy of one-of-a-kind watchmaking in its own unique way.


Angular and geometric. Precise and bold. Decadent detail work. The Art Deco style is evident throughout the timepiece: the pointed and triangular hour markers, the sharp edges and legibility of the numerals engraved on the bezel, and the diamond-shaped ends of the hour and minute hands. Even the minute track fits into this Art Deco mold, as does the simple illustration above the seconds disk. In crafting the timepiece, our design team paid close attention to every detail in order to properly honour a bygone era.


On the dial, the Art Deco design movement is on full display. Inside the case, a precise BALL RR2102 movement is hard at work. No matter where you take it, the timepiece’s superior engineering and adherence to our strict standards of accuracy ensure ultimate performance. And its readability is enhanced by the use of an artistic seconds disk instead of a third hand. The Trainmaster Secometer may reside in your pocket, but it’s nonetheless built to stand up to all the demands of daily use.


The Trainmaster Secometer delivers trusted night-reading capabilities, yet forgoes our well-known micro gas tubes in favour of Super-LumiNova. Coated with this luminescent material, each triangular hour marker shines in darkness for easier time-reading. The choice of Super-LumiNova provides the luminosity necessary while also merging perfectly with the Art Deco appearance of the dial and hands.

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